Equestrian Investment

My horse and rider shoots are all about the rider and the bond they share with their equine partner. Each session is different, as I tailor them to each specific client with a mix of lifestyle and posed images in order to tell their story. No matter your age or discipline, these stylized photo shoots will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Each horse and rider session has a black background option to be added or included- These unique images highlight the beauty of the horse. Black background photographs can serve as a statement barn piece, home decor, or a great way to show off a horse that is for sale. Set up is easy, flexible, and the session will include a variety of angles to capture the most detailed and artistic shots.

Horse shows and clinics are other opportunities to capture images of you and your horse while hard at work. No matter the discipline, these action shots show off the precision and power behind your partner much more clearly than a cell phone picture or video.

I'd love to share the different options available to create your equine album or wall art. I can even accommodate some custom dimensions!

In the end, the love we have for horses is what is visualized

Horse & Rider Sessions

Capture the bond of you and your equine partner!

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Horse Shows & Clinics

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