Portrait Photography

Creating Something Sentimental

I cherish the fact that I can see our family story in detail, instead of trying to imagine it based off memory or someone else's vision of how they recollect specific moments. As a kid, I loved visiting my Grandma’s house and going through all of her photo albums. To this day, I still find myself getting lost for hours in our family albums at my parents house. Reliving the memories we had, seeing my baby pictures, my parents as kids, my Grandparent's weddings, and even previous generations I had never met is so special. The moment had been "paused", allowing us all to relive it again and again, thanks to the photographs printed.

There is something so gratifying about holding memories in your hands and having a tangible way to document family history, cherish special events and even allow future generations to have a moment to look back on.

Portraits are a fantastic way to capture and record milestones, a great way to "freeze" time. Whether the session is for a graduating senior, maternity, updating family photos, a beloved pet, or "just because", portraits are all about capturing the moments and people in your life that you that want to remember forever.

See some examples below!