Not sure you need a headshot?

Whether you are looking for a job, a student, or an aspiring star, a professional headshot shows that you’re confident, authentic, and polished, regardless of the field you’re in. 

Here are four more reasons you need a headshot:

  1. A headshot conveys your professionalism. If you present yourself as a professional, potential employers that don’t know you personally are more likely to schedule a first meeting that could get your foot in the door.
  2.  A good headshot gives people an idea of what your personality is before they meet you in person. Smiles portray a more welcoming vibe and a more serious look portrays determination.
  3. A current headshot shows people what you look like right now. Having an old picture can communicate in-authenticity.
  4.   When you look good, you feel good. Having a good-quality image of yourself to share with professional peers can give you a confidence boost and inspire you to take more risks and step outside of your comfort zone more regularly.

Take a look at some samples below!